colours of the world.

'I saw a lot more in this brown class project...I see true colours-red,blue,green,black,purple.'

it's one month into sem 3 already, and we are almost done with the sungai lembing site model.

the class as a whole is still rather inexperienced, though this would be the second time we are doing a project together as a class. it's quite a mess, it is, but not that bad though.

but before any finger-pointing takes place, maybe we should blame no one but ourselves. i did complain alot - i gotta admit that - but hell yea im wrong.

think bout it.

aren't us the ones who keep appointing the same person as so-called class rep? he's just trying to do his job. his methods may be wrong, but he's trying. if we are unhappy bout him, we should go ahead and talk to him in the face. how is he going to learn if he has no idea what his mistakes are? it would be unfair for him.

afterall, we are supposed to make mistakes, cause that's when we learn.

if blames are inevitable, we all should share it then.

( Friday, April 02, 2010 23:01)

call it a day.

it's a day like this that you wake up in the morning, go to the gym, swim, do what you think you have to do, and then you feel senseless. you have your lunch with your family, then you grab 'the famished road' on your table and you think maybe you should continue reading where you left off. but you realize you don't really grasp what the story is about. you put it back where it was.

then you switch on your macbook and start surfing. you wonder why facebook seems not as interesting as it was before. you check your blog, hoping passers-by to drop a comment or two, and you get disappointed. never mind. out-of-nowhere you think why not get the specs and holga that you've always wanted since you've nothing better to do. and then you realize it's already 5. so you stay.

you had your dinner with your family, again. it is a wonderful dinner, it is. you watch tv for a while and you switch it off. you are back at your room, and you watch season 3 of supernatural.

after a few episodes you feel exhausted from the fear. you checked on your blog again, and get disappointed again. and then you feel like redesigning the layout of your blog, naively thinking that's the main problem of your blog. but your motivation ceases.

and you start wondering. maybe uni is more interesting than holidays. uni is colorful, holidays are dull. you have not many friends here. then your thought reroutes. you think you should put on more weight, 5-6 seems more ideal. and then you promise yourself to sleep earlier, drink more water. so that less acnes will break out the following day.

and slowly, you consume the darkness and it consumes you. you begin to see things, and those things can see you. and that's when you start dreaming, not knowing that your saliva is quietly escaping from your mouth.

( Tuesday, February 09, 2010 17:12)

a room/a bed.

Leigh Anne Touhy: Find some time to figure out another bedroom for you.
Michael Oher: This is mine?
Leigh Anne Touhy: Yes sir.
Michael Oher: I never had one before.
Leigh Anne Touhy: What, a room to yourself?
Michael Oher: ...A bed.

these dialogues kept me thinking.

and yea it's from the movie 'the blind side'. her performance in this movie definitely changes my view of her, always thought she's just a blonde chick but hell - i'm wrong. good job, sandra bullock (i like her too in 'the proposal', it's a decent movie to get some laughs).

just wondering, why is it still not showing here in msia? come on, msia - do her a favour.

( Wednesday, February 03, 2010 23:55)

left out?

why do i have the feeling that im the last one that is being told bout this.

to be frank, i dont feel good at all. i dont mind it being last minute, i dont mind it being spontaneous (in fact i love spontaneity), i really dont mind. but at least have that little bit of courtesy to inform earlier. is it really that difficult? im pretty sure im not the first one that is pissed bout it.

kudos to your arrangement skills (not that mine is any better but yeah).

haih. but then i shouldnt blame them. on a second thought this post seems immature. anw i have things to do later on so, chao.

btw, happy 21st birthday miao.

( Sunday, January 31, 2010 22:06)

woo hoo.

practicum 1 aka short sem 2 finally concluded, and so our holiday starts - now. the short sem was mainly of fun, hardwork (of course! who do you think we are) and whatnot, and it's pathetic too since it was supposed to be OUR HOLIDAY. it was supposed to be. haih. but then again, it should be expected already since the very moment we chose to bring ourselves into the field of architorture.

enough of self-grumbling, this is part of what's worth 2k plus that we paid for the short semester. we started everyth from scratch ha.

i wont say we are the best or anyth but at least we tried our best didnt we and it's good, real good. well it was a dysfunctional group (im sure my grpmates would agree with me) but hellya it's over. so what's next?

( Saturday, January 30, 2010 13:14)

the dreamer

they come out at night when the moon is bright from under his bed, to the dreams in his head..

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